Available Services

PHOTO: Enabling Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden

Design Phase Services

  • Consult with Owner to understand Owner’s objectives for the design and construction of the Project.
  • Review agreements with the architect, engineers and other consultants, including fees, schedules, deliverables, and reimbursables and assist Owner in negotiating and completing such agreements.
  • Coordinate with the architect, engineers and other consultants in their preparation of all plans, specifications and drawings for the Project
  • Coordinate and facilitate design meetings, including presentations to Owner by the architect, engineers and other consultants.
  • Monitor and advise Owner regarding the development of the design and construction schedule and budget for the Project during the design phase.
  • Monitor and report to Owner (both orally and in writing) as reasonably required by Owner with respect to scheduling, costs, design, permitting and any other issue having a material effect on the Project.
  • Consult with Owner regarding construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, methods of procurement of materials and labor, choice of contractors and other consultants, time requirements, construction phasing issues and factors relating to cost.
  • Interface with all government agencies as necessary to obtain and secure all permits, approvals, or other authorizations as necessary to complete the Project.
  • Review and advise Owner as to all construction documents for the Project and consult with Owner, the architects, engineers and other consultants in connection therewith.
  • Consult with Owner regarding insurance requirements for the Project and confirm that the architect, engineers, general contractor and other consultants are in compliance with Owner’s insurance requirements.
  • Consult with Owner regarding plans for temporary relocation of operations and personnel during construction.
  • Review and recommend to Owner all invoices for payment received from the architect, engineers and other consultants. With Owner’s direction and input, represent Owner in any payment disputes with the architect, engineers and other consultants.

Bidding Phase Services

  • Make recommendations to Owner regarding qualified contractors, subcontractors and other consultants as required to construct the Project.
  • Oversee and facilitate prequalification of contractors.
  • Review and prepare bid packages, including preparing summaries of each bid and assist Owner in negotiating construction contracts for the completion of the Project.
  • Analyze bids and assist Owner with contractor selection.

Construction Phase Services

  • Direct and facilitate pre-construction meetings with the Owner, the architect, engineers and contractors.
  • Schedule, direct and facilitate meetings with Owner, the architect, engineers and contractors during the construction of the Project.
  • Working with the architect, engineers and contractors, facilitate identification of particular long lead time construction systems and elements proposed for the Project, and recommend pre-purchase of any such elements or systems.
  • Monitor all phases of the construction of the Project and represent Owner in its dealings with contractors during the construction of the Project.
  • Report to Owner (both orally and in writing) as reasonably required by Owner on construction phase progress and highlight all issues requiring Owner input or decisions.
  • Monitor the Project schedule and budget throughout the construction phase with respect to adherence to established scheduled and budget requirements for the Project.
  • Monitor logs maintained by the architect or contractor of bulletins, change orders, RFI’s, submittals, transmittals, payment applications, and other document exchanges with respect to open construction, documentation, or financial issues on the Project.
  • Monitor schedules developed by the architect, engineers and contractor for review of shop drawings and other submittals.
  • Review with Owner and the architect or other appropriate consultant, any proposed change orders and their impact on the Project schedule and budget, and with direction and input from Owner, negotiate with the general contractor or other consultant any such change orders on the Owner’s behalf.
  • Coordinate required tests, inspections, reviews, and any meetings needed to comply with oversight requirements of any applicable governmental agencies.
  • Coordinate work of any consultants, as needed, that are not under the direction of the architect, including consultants for FF&E and signage.
  • Working with the architect, assist in reviewing all payment applications and supporting documentation, including lien waivers, and make recommendations regarding payment of draw requests.
  • Working with the Owner, architect, engineers and contractors, facilitate the interim and final inspections of the Project in connection with obtaining occupancy permits.
  • Assist Owner, architect, engineers and contractors in preparing punchlists for the Project upon achievement of substantial completion, and monitor the timely completion of all punchlist work.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the delivery to Owner of all as-built drawings, warranties, equipment operating and maintenance manuals, attic stock, spare parts and any other deliverable items required by the contract documents.
  • Monitor and administer project close-out activities including issuance of certificates of substantial completion, start-up and commissioning of systems, and coordination of final walk-through inspections
  • Assist Owner in coordinating and scheduling occupancy of the completed Project.
  • Working with the architect, assist in reviewing contractor's application for final payment, and supporting documentation, including final lien waivers.

Other Special Services

Capital Campaign Planning

  • Assist with budgeting, naming opportunities, and gift lists for specific projects
  • Provide coordination between Development, Finance, and Design & Construction groups in preparing the overall campaign structure

Interpretive Exhibit Design & Construction

  • Assemble project design team including subject experts, writer, graphic designer, photo researcher, exhibit designer, AV & IT consultant
  • Direct the work of this group to develop all interpretive elements for the project
  • Oversee preparation of drawings and specifications for bidding
  • Vet exhibit fabrication companies for bidding
  • Recommend firm for fabrication, and manage their work for conformance to project schedule, budget, and scope.

Facilities Operations Consulting

  • Develop plans for capital maintenance projects
  • Investigate energy saving programs and implement as appropriate
  • Analyze staffing and operational activities with specific recommendations
  • Conduct analysis of outsourcing options and make recommendations as appropriate
  • Assist with IT infrastructure planning